When Makeup Turns Political


Hayley Johnsen  is best known for taking risks with makeup looks and entertaining the World with her beauty tutorials – however, in her latest video she had the beauty world and Twitter at odds. She uses satire, with a hint of sarcasm to narrate her latest video installment on her Twitter page. In the video she combats America’s political issues, while applying her makeup – which went viral. Here are some of her saucy comments:


“This thick brush of justice and we’re going to f*cking beat the f*cking prejudice out of it.”


“Oh yes, honey, this blue just reminds me of every state that still deserves to be a part of this country, yes ma’am.”


“We’re going to highlight the brow bone with gold. It looks a lot like the kind of gold we used to kill Native Americans for, you know what I mean?”


“Once you get the highlight on, you want to buff it out like any culture that isn’t yours or any language that you don’t identify with.”


“Now we’re going to apply some foiled shadows . . . mmmkay . . . and they go better with some water. I have it here in a can. Flint, MI, has none. It’s fine.”


“And these can get real messy, so when no one’s looking — much like the American government — you just want to cover that sh*t up. Just clean that sh*t up.”


“All privileged and power and entitlement — yes!”


“We’re going to put on foundation. It’s in the shade ‘White Devil.’ Now remember, you’re white, you gotta be careful, because people might forget, you are white. You gotta make yourself f*cking whiter.”


“So you want something dense to blend this sh*t out, alright. You want some of that ‘reverse racism is real’ density.”


“And now we have some concealer. We’re just going to conceal all our flaws . . . blemishes, tax records, sexual assault . . . get rid of it!”


“We’re going to start with some cool-toned contour. We don’t want to go too dark, because we don’t want people talking. You know how it is? You know?”


“So we’re going to highlight, and we need something that complements our ivory tones — that been-dead-for-six-months skin tone. So we highlight to get men’s attention, obviously, OK. We want them to know that we only wear makeup for them.”


“So the light went off, but we will not be oppressed by darkness. We will not be held down. And I, for one, I don’t appreciate being called racist. I have black friends. OK?! [Holds up a cat with black fur.]”


What are your thoughts?!



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