We Don’t Want Diamond Rings, We Want Nike Air Max!


Confused yet?! Well you should be! The title of this will have you wondering what the two have in common, right?! Nike and Swarovski have collaborated to bring us a shoe that will have you saying f*ck diamond rings! The sneaker is Air Max 97, and it comes to us exactly  two decades after the shoe’s initial release!


This is not the first time the popular diamond retailer and Nike have collaborated – in March, Nike released a similar shoe, but in black! The blingy sneaker has 50,000 small crystals embedded in the fabric! How impressive is that?!


In a press release design director for NikeWomen Sportswear, Marie Crow, stated,  “This was such an exciting project in terms of material innovation,” she added, “We were looking to explore shine and durability in a new and innovative way, and we loved the juxtaposition of the Crystal Fabric’s tough sparkle to reinvent an already iconic shoe.”


This cool footwear is available September 7th, and retails for $400! We’re so excited for this!


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