We Bet You Can’t Guess Which City Is The Newest Capital Of Craft Beer In North America


Typically, when you think of craft beers which cities pop into your mind?! Asheville, North Carolina. Portland, Oregon. Portland, Maine. Seattle, Washington, and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – are just a few that have topped the list for the best craft beer in the past decade, but there’s a new city that is quickly rising as the beer mecca!


The newest city that beer aficionados will be swarming to is…..Vancouver! That’s right ladies and gentlemen, the Canadian city has quickly gained popularity by adventurous entrepreneurs who have been traveling to the city’s core beer scene to open up breweries -many of which were once warehouses, bike shops, or industrial facilities in the city’s most popular neighborhoods.


So, if you’re ever in the area, and happen to be a lover of beer – take a stroll down Main Street, East Vancouver, or Yeast Van – the most prevalent beer drinkers will have a great time in any of these hip areas! Below is a list of the most enjoyed spots!




The neighborhood: Mount Pleasant

Strathcona Beer Company

The neighborhood: Strathcona

Strange Fellows Brewing

The neighborhood: East Vancouver

Main Street Brewing

The neighborhood: Mount Pleasant

Faculty Brewing Co.

The neighborhood: Olympic Village


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