The Best Hairstyles For Men In 2017


Are you having trouble figuring out your hair style for 2017?! This year men’s hairstyles are more of what we like to say a “lax style.” This is typically also referred to as the “grungy” look, or the “just got out of bed” look – either way this look seems pretty laid back, which is perfect for the summer! Another awesome aspect of men’s grooming this summer is that the beard and long locks duo is back! Check out the best hairstyles of 2017!



Milo Ventimiglia
 This is the beginning stages of the hottest style for 2017,but lets see how his mane ends up by the end of the year.
Dev Patel
 The Lion star was able to pull off this look with a high-end tux!
Noah Syndergaard

This Mets’ star is the perfect example of how to sport this 2017 look!



Keanu Reeves

Who doesn’t love Keanu Reeves?! His hair may not be as wavy/curly as everyone else rocking this look, but he was wearing this look before most of these people on this list – he’s a true OG!



Bradley Cooper
 Whether it’s his crystal blue eyes or his charm – Bradley Cooper is awesome! Commonly known for his role in The Hangover, Bradley’s mane got it’s claim to fame in that movie!
Shia LaBeouf

 LaBeouf was first spotted wearing his long locks in preparation for a role, however now he’s just sporting them to be trendy!


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