Style Fashion Week: Malan Breton


Best known for his extravagant showcases, Malan Breton always delivers a brilliant fashion show – this year was no different. As the lights began to dim, and  the screen began to illuminate – it started to  display the inside of a gorgeous mansion – as the dancers took to the stage I couldn’t help but think each pairing off of dance partners was symbolic of different sexualities – one of the pairings represented a straight couple, the other lesbian and the last one a gay couple. As each dancer disappeared from the stage I was beyond excited for Mr. Breton’s collection!


Dazzling metallics, glamorous sequences, brilliant leathers and perfect silks were the biggest captivating features of his line. Like in many of Malan’s fashion shows, he does not  shy away from “flashy” aspects of his collection. The silhouettes were reminiscent of a fairy tale. With intricate cuts, this collection was very well tailored- which was the main attribute to the sexy and sophistication detail in this line.


I was extremely impressed (as I usually am with his garments) with this fashion show. For three seasons at Style Fashion Week I’ve watched Breton grow in his design aesthetic and I really love  this season. Check out the entire collection below!




*****Photo Credit: Michael boa ibidapo

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