Style Fashion Week: David Tupaz Couture


David Tupaz Couture was one of the most breathtaking collections of Style Fashion Week! The pearly white fabric, contrasted beautifully with each  model’s incredible skin tones, the style was reminiscent of early Chanel – the fringe of the suits added a funky, and vintage element, which was a quality of the 1950’s Chanel garments, even the gloves that added sophistication reminded me of the classic designer. The tailoring of the collection was a clear indication that Tupaz knew a woman’s body, each garment was perfectly fitted to every curve of the model. I am very happy that Tupaz’s collection also encapsulated body positivism.


The combination of textures kept the design aesthetic fresh. The metallics contrasted gorgeously with the glossy white runway in Madison Square Garden, the display was very clean and modernly – vintage. I loved how the individualism showed within each garment. View each look below, and tell us your thoughts!



*****Photo Credit: Michael boa ibidapo

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