Style Fashion Week: Adrian Alicea

Adrian Alicea, a designer best known for his intricate cuts and carefully placed slits, showcased his sexy designs on February 9th 2017 at Madison Square Garden. The show started off with a Samurai in one of his garments – it was one of the most inventive openings to any fashion show I’ve been too.


As each model graced the runway I thought about the movement of each garment – the colors of each outfit contrasted beautifully with the glossy white runway. The infusion of each color with the runway created a gorgeous array. The structure of each dress exuded strength and power.


This collection to me expressed the power of men and women – especially in a though political time for women and their rights. I was impressed with  Adrian Alicea -not just because the brilliant  colors, but because the message that was conveyed by the collection!



******Photo Credit: Michael boa ibidapo


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