Rihanna Unveils A New Makeup Line



FINALLY! It took long enough! The queen of reggae-pop is putting her skills to the test by debuting a new makeup  line! The collection, properly named Fenty Beauty, includes 40 different shades of foundations: from pale to medium to deep – Rihanna has a color for you! Another cool feature of this line is that it’s 100% cruel free- that means no testing on our furry friends! Although it took Rihanna awhile to come out with this line, we’re SO happy she did, and let’s face it – you can’t rush perfection!


“I just wanted things I loved, and I also wanted things that girls could fall in love with with all skin tones,” Rihanna explained at her launch party. “And I keep saying that because that was really important for me. In every product I was like, it needs to be something for a dark-skinned girl, it needs to be something for a really pale girl, it needs to be something in between.”


You can now shop the collection at FentyBeauty.com or Sephora. Prices range from $10 to $54! Get your Fenty Beauty on today!



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