Ride in Style: Styling Tips For Motorcycle Riders  

By Sara O Brown

Gone are the days when motorcycling used to be all about sand clad roads and rugged terrain. Overtime bikers have created an aura of their own.

The lifestyle of a biker is different and so needs to be the wardrobe. Pulling a biker chic look has become all about leather, black colour, and studs. However, you still can experiment with the look a lot and bring up something of your own.

Moreover, not just women even men have been exploring the glamorous side of biking and celebrities like Marlon Brando and Steve Mcqueen are living examples.

Feeling inspired enough already? By the time you reach the end of this piece, you will have that motorcycling enthusiast in you completely content.

Although stylish gym wear looks as funky as traditional riding gear, here we bring you some styling tips for your next motorcycle ride which will completely bring out the motorcycle chic in you –

BOOTS – Starting with the bottom-most, boots play an important role in safety as well as style. Ranging from the conventional biker chic heels to cage heels, something is available for everyone. The footwear should also go well with your denim and jackets. It should complement them and not look overly gaudy. Studded boots have been in trend for quite a while. In addition to that, high ankle boots are also a good choice as they are safer and a great match for leather trousers. Calf high Doc Marten boots also feature in the list owing to their brand value and fashion appeal. Popular across the globe, they add a touch of idealism to the look.

ACCESSORIES – Accessories no doubt are a major styling factor. A lot is there to choose from. With silver and black being the ruling colors, you can go for studded silver jewelry and large earrings. Not to forget here, leather belts also take the lead. Wearing a scarf with some pattern or related stuff drawn on it can also be a good idea. Add to it chunky bracelets or heavy stone studded armlets to set the roads on fire. Not to forget here keeping the makeup light and detailing the eyes will make you stand out in the crowd. Black nail paint is also a huge yes! Put your motorcycle tank bag to good use, carry some of your essential makeup items along with various other necessary items such as tool kit, first aid box, phone charger, water bottle and some eatables.

JACKETS – Motorcycling has over time become synonymous with jackets and safety wear. Styling jackets have been the easiest given the number of options available. It is not an unsaid rule of the biking world that your jacket needs to be black in colour! You can spot anything depending on your choice and availability. Trying something shimmery and having zip patterns or studs is also a good choice to establish a biker-chic image. You can add even more dimension to the look by wearing a customised t-shirt with skull patterns or anything showcasing a rugged attitude underneath the jacket. Or you can completely ditch the jacket look and go with a tank top or a corset top to look something different.

TATTOOS AND HAIR – Tying your hair up in a messy bun or leaving them rugged and flowing can present a difficult choice. However, your hairstyle should not become a hurdle on the road. Colouring the hair can also make you look a lot more appealing. Tattoos ranging from skull patterns to star designs have been known to appeal to people. If properly done, it can reflect your attitude and send some serious vibes down the spine of spectators!

JEANS – Instead of jeans, you can pull an instant badass look wearing a tight short skirt over black leggings paired with a corset. However, if you are more into denim, rugged or the ones having zip patterns seem attractive. Tight leather bottoms have been especially popular among celebrities. Even leather trousers have been making quite a rage of late. They are unparalleled in abrasion resistance and are not just a show-piece. You can give them a shot too.

SAFETY FIRST – Safety should, however, be your top priority while setting out on the road. Helmets, gloves and leg-protection gear cannot and should not be ignored. You are hugely mistaken if you think these will degrade your style even by a bit. In fact, they can enhance it manifold. Wearing gloves with designs, patterns or some kind of embellishments can make you look trendier as compared to the plain ones. Even helmets are available in such an overwhelming variety these days that you need not stick to the traditional DOT or Snell approved ones.

Rest it is up to your imagination and creativity. You can doll yourself up and reflect that inner motorcycling spirit in a way no celebrity ever has.

Motorcycling is an adventurous activity and so should be everything related to it. Be it the safety wear, clothes or the makeup! Just don’t look overly gaudy. Keep it rhythmic and you will definitely rock the roads.

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