Retro Hairstyles That Are Making A Comeback


By: Joana  Teixeira


Fashion goes in cycles. What was good twenty years ago and bad one decade back is suddenly all the rage once again. With hair it’s no different – from 90s’ voluminous locks to 80’s hairstyle messiness, your hair can also go in and out of fashion. To help keep track of the most up-to-date hairstyle trends here are four looks that are making a comeback from decades past!



90’s Hairstyles: Grunge Waves



“Bed Head” hair made its comeback this year and it’s a favorite among those women who like to sleep for those extra five minutes in the morning. Embrace your undefined waves and say goodbye to the bad hair days – the messy chic look is now trending, with both celebrities and fashionistas loving this style. It can work at different lengths, so don’t worry if you have shorter hair. Nineties hairstyles used to go well with a grunge concert in some underground venue, but they’re cool enough now to go to work!


80’s Hairstyles: Messy Bun



In the 80’s hairstyles were all about volume and messiness. One of the most practical and comfortable way of styling your hair nowadays came from this crazy decade – the messy bun! From a lazy Sunday at home in your lounge wear to a busy Monday in the office, the messy bun is a classic look for any occasion. If you’re truly feeling the 80’s vibe, don’t forget to tie your hair up with a colorful scrunchie or even go all the way with a few bright colored strands of hair.



70’s Hairstyles: Boho Braids



Can’t beat a good old bohemian look. The hippie era brought long hairstyles back, but with a boho twist to classic braided hairstyles. Braided crowns, half updo braids, two-braided hairstyles and long messy hair with tiny braids on each side – these looks go perfectly with a casual shorts/shirt look. Mix them up with some dyed strands or a colorful flower crown for a festival-ready style! These hairstyles look better messy and require low maintenance!


20’s Hairstyles: Bob



The Bob is definitely a timeless classic – if you want to drop some weight from your hair but still have a stylish look the Bob is the way to go! In the 20’s woman said goodbye to their long locks and started a hairstyle rebellion by cutting their long luscious locks, to a shorter, more manageable length. So, if you too feel like being a rebel with your look, cut your hair into a Bob. Have fun and adapt it to your personal taste: part it in the middle, to the side or with bangs!

Combine nostalgia with high fashion with these classic looks. There are lots of other historically inspired haircuts that are hot right now – find one that suits you best and get trendy with your locks.

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