New York Fashion Week: Mimi Prober


Inspired by vintage antique material, Mimi Prober believes in not wasting , but creating something out of the fragments that were once part of a garment. The designer loves to recreate something wonderful out of deconstructed clothing.


Her collection this New York Fashion Week did not disappoint and truly showcased her unique style. The luxury artist loves to work with handcrafted heirlooms and classic jewelry in order to create not only her line for fashion week, but also her fine jewelry collection. Prober has a zero-waste philosophy, and she has developed methods to organically dye her fabrics, as well as produce custom textiles.


Known for her lace embroidery, and exquisite beading – Mimi truly displayed her expertise in her line this season – the lace was breathtakingly beautiful. The standout pieces in this collection were definitely the jackets, from my perspective they looked stylish, warm, and any women would proudly wear these chic pieces of clothing. I loved how many of the outfits were of vintage fabrics, but had modern cuts that were a contrasting feature in this collection. Great job Mimi!


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