New York Fashion Week: Miguel Vieira


Miguel Vieira is known for his use of classic color palettes in his collections, and this season he did not disappoint. He also likes to cross gender lines by having the males carry what is considered heteronormative female accessories- this includes: purses and satchels, however he had the men carry minimal adornments this time around.
When the first model graced the runway I immediately thought of a chic woman walking through the streets of New York Рthe outfit was just stunning! As each model walked down the runway, I thought of how gorgeous the individual outfits were, and the settings that they would look amazing in- whether it be walking down the streets of Paris or attending a upscale gala in London Рeach outfit was beautiful in its individual way. The collection was full of clean lines, and the  combination of different textures and fabrics was so unique. The leathers, lace embroidery, and mixture of black and white were the perfect addition to the collection! Great show!
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