New York Fashion Week: FTL Moda Presented By Samsung



When I first walked into the building for FLT Moda, I was very confused – “Where was the runway?” I thought to myself as I entered the upstairs showroom, all I saw were mannequins dressed in garments. I didn’t understand the purpose or why this event was even called a “fashion show.” I strolled around the room hoping to find some type of clarity.



A woman walked up to me and asked “Do you want to try it out?!” She was pointing to the Samsung Gear VR – I gave a ‘yes’ head nod and immediately she put the glasses on me. The fashion shows were actually a virtual reality viewing. There were five shows to see, and it was absolutely amazing – it was almost as if I could reach out and touch the models – whether I turned my head to the left or to the right, I could see around the virtual showroom!



Each collection had it’s own air about it – whether one was looking for couture, elegance or street wear – each individual line provided at least one of those elements! The garb in all the collections were gorgeous – I couldn’t even believe that clothing could be so beautiful.


Limor Ben Yosef was the first designer I viewed – with a plush pink palette I began to think of the calming morning sky or the evening sunset. Yosef’s line was breathtaking- the serene color of pink, combined with the extravagant nature of the designs was flawless.



Sonja Tafelmeier Couture took on something different however, the clothing was mostly composed of dark fabrics with a sheen to them. The collection reminded me of a fast paced New Yorker on the go, who wants to look like they spent hours picking out their stylish outfit.



Fllumae was the third collection and it made me reminisce to Victorian days, the line was compromised of bell sleeves and tulle – it was exquisite! I enjoyed the regal look that this collection had. I also began to think of hajabs that Muslim women typically wear.



Premal Badani was more of a darker palette – the embellishments of the line were gorgeous and added a certain je ne sais quoi to the collection that I couldn’t quite put my finger on. Each dress had a dazzling bodice. The line looked very royal and fit for a princess!



The Invicta took place on a rainy day, each of the models had colors of umbrellas, which added to the uniqueness of each individual outfit. These were street wear looks, which one would be wearing in an inclement weather situation (such as the one in the virtual reality showing). This line feature vests, sweaters, and other clothing that you would wear on a cold day.



I thought this show was ingenious, innovative, and unique! I enjoyed every moment of looking into the Samsung Gear VR and experiencing this amazing show – virtual reality is the way of the future, Samsung is proving it!


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