New York Fashion Week: D’Marsh Couture


D’Marsh Couture paid homage to princesses, and the fairy tales that posse them. Titled La Fantaisie Ball, the show started out with a beautiful princess dressing in royal garb, the princess had her servants bring her stunning accessories, after she is dressed – she takes to the runway, looking fierce!



The cohesion in this collection had to be the jewels – whether they were worn on faces or on the garments, they played key role in tying the whole line together. The rich colors, extravagant headpieces, and lace embroidery were enough to make any woman feel like a princess.



As the show went on I realized that the music was even capturing me, as I closed my eyes and heard the classical cellos and violins play I started to reminisce about the fairy tales my mother read to me as a child. D’Marsh truly achieved his vision, and it was an absolute treat!




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