New Beauty And The Beast Desserts That Will Make You Feel The Magic


How excited are you to hear this?! Yes, there will be new Belle and Beast items on the menu of  Crème & Sugar -the same dessert parlor that bought us the magic of the Unicorn Hot Chocolate! Owner Joanna Czikalla didn’t want the magnificent feeling to end with just watching the Beauty and the Beast live action movie – she wanted us to experience every part of the enchantment!


“People want to feel magical and happy, and I want to help them get there. Kids, teens, and adults all come into my shop looking for that feeling,” she said, adding people come from all over the world to taste her desserts,”Once they get [their drink] I see the looks on their faces, and it’s pure happiness.”


Unfortunately, these amazing treats are for a limited amount of time! So get yours while you can!


1. Vanilla Belle Cake



2. The Beauty Shake




3. The Blue Velvet Beast Cake



4. The Beast Shake



5. Enchanted Rose Hot Chocolate




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