Manny Gutierrez Is The New Face Of Maybelline


As we just watched the ball drop and celebrated another new year, one word comes to mind: change- 2017 is the year of change, and we are definitely going to be following this trend! In the ladder part of 2016, we saw Cover Girl hire their first ‘Cover Boy’ James Charles, to be the first ever male spokesperson for the beauty brand, and although there was a lot of backlash from their decision, they decided to shake off the haters and keep him as the face of their mascara!


Due to the amazing response to Charles’s representation of the brand, Maybelline has decided to follow suit and hire their first male as the new face of their Colossal Big Shot mascara campaign!  Manny Gutierrez will be the newest ambassador to join the very popular makeup brand- he has already enticed over 3 million viewers with his stunning makeup looks, and amazing tutorials! What are your thoughts?!



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