Learn The Tips And Tricks Of Avoiding Long TSA Lines This Summer


Look we’ve all been there, the line at the security checkpoint is WAY too long and you almost miss your flight! Trying to maneuver your way through the airport in order to arrive to the gate can be agonizing and stressful, not to mention it can cause a lot of anxiety. Thank god you read this blog, because we too have experienced this madness! We’re here to give you some tips and tricks for avoiding those long lines, because let’s face it, the airport won’t accommodate us if we miss our flight!



The Lines Will Be Shorter Depending On Time


Think about a time when you went to the airport and the line was extremely long! Most likely it was either earlier or late in the day. Solution: book a flight midday- try to get a one between 11am- 2pm. Generally, airports are emptier at this time – so if you’re a traveler with no time constraints, you should try this!


Pay The Fee  


So I’m pretty frugal, but I will say that I would definitely pay the small fee of $85, in order to be in the front of the TSA pre-check line! All you have to do is apply online, pay the fee, and schedule an appointment- which includes: fingerprinting and a background check. Also, with pre-check you don’t have to remove any articles of clothing or take your laptop out of the bag!


Use programs That Help You Avoid The Line All Together


Clear will help you avoid the TSA line all together! This is a new program that uses finger prints and iris scans to confirm your identity, there is an annual fee of $179 (with discounts for Delta SkyMiles members). This program is only available in 22 airports.



Are You An Elite Member?


If you have Elite member status with an airline, chances are they’ll have you join a priority security line if you’re at higher-tier. Even if you aren’t flying first class, you should still ask if you can join – this line will definitely get you through security a lot faster.




Easy Access


Once you are at the front of the line, you want to be able to take everything that you need to take off easily (belts, shoes, etc.). Dress conveniently, this is one way to get out of line faster, if you don’t want to use the previously mentioned methods. Make sure everything is out of your pockets and that you can easily access everything you need to get through the hassle of security.




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