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  • I Went To A Vogue Event And It Was Fabulous!

    Vogue has to be one, if not, the most recognized name in the fashion industry. The publication has several different divisions in different countries, including: Spain, France, China and much more. The magazine has reported on fashion, beauty, culture, current events and much more for 130 years. They have worked with some of the top-named brands in the world and they continue to push the envelope time after time. I went to a screening of Vogue’s first ever runway show, which also doubled as a cocktail party. This event was to also celebrate their 130 year anniversary. I’ve been working in the fashion industry for over a decade and have been to countless after parties for different shows, but this was different. Gasvenopart rooftop , located in Meatpacking NYC held the event. The venue was stunning – there was a flower arch, which provide for a gorgeous photo backdrop. The space was the perfect balance of warm and neutral colors – there was a display of lights that changed colors, and filled the room with blue and purple hues. There were several delicious appetizers – my favorite was the chicken skewers with chipotle mayo. In addition to countless hors d’oeuvres, there were two signature cocktails of the night – a spicy pineapple margarita and a pink Cosmo garnished with a royal purple hibiscus flower -the bar was stocked with prosecco and different wines. I wore a $47 little black dress from Shein with a pearl neckline and black Pashion heels (which transforms into a flat from heels). I also have braids, which I wore in a ponytail. Not to brag, but I think I looked pretty chic. The event was magnificent, the actual screening was fabulous! Vogue did an amazing job with making sure the show flowed seamlessly. The show opener was none other than the world renowned Serena Williams! As the show continued there were many familiar faces that graced the runway like Gigi and Bella Hadid, Irina Shayk, Carolyn Murphy, and Imaan Hammam. Howard University’s majorettes wowed the crowd with a phenomenal dance number. Lil Nas X performed and he looked really nice in an all silver outfit before he strolled down the catwalk. There were so many amazing moments! I felt like I was truly a part of history: something bigger than myself. Vogue’s first runway show! I was in awe the entire time.


  • Have I Outgrown New York Fashion Week?

    When Fashion Week comes around it’s always a treat – the glitz, glamour, and lights for sure put the cherry on the proverbial cake. The famous week was actually the first of its kind, and soon other regions followed. Each year, I am consumed by endless shows, constantly being spread thin, and the pressure that comes with having my own publication. I adore fashion and from the young age of 10 years-old I knew I was destined to be in the fashion industry, but do I still like the hustle and bustle of New York Fashion Week (NYFW)? I started in the fashion industry and the ripe age of 18 – I was really optimistic and a little naïve, but I was ready to go! I started in the industry as a model dresser, I took the list of the designers from the New York Fashion Week website and I emailed each of them to see if I could be involved in the backstage in any way possible- I got one individual designer and a collective fashion show (which is a show that displays multiple collections). I was so excited to go to my first show. After that season, I applied to be a photographer at the same fashion shows and got accepted! Throughout the years, I have created a blog and attended multiple fashion shows, however, an event occurred that would change the future of Fashion Week as we knew it – the pandemic. Before COVID-19 , there were tons of fashion shows during NYFW, it was more open and it was easier to maneuver through the city to get to shows – many of the venues that are now closed due to the Coronavirus were in the same vicinity of each other. Now, the galleries where the shows are held are limited capacity and further away from other. There were also a lot more designers showing in past season that have now either left the industry completely, or they started showing in one of the major fashion weeks in another country. I am grateful to have gone to NYFW during some of the most memorable moments – it will always have a special place in my heart, however, I think I have actually outgrown it. When I was younger it was a lot easier for me to handle the business of it all, but as I’ve spent the last 11 years in the industry I’ve seen my interest fade. I no longer find it appealing to wait in long lines, or frantically run to the subway so I can make back-to-back shows. The chaos was fun and exciting when I was younger, but I think now I want to expand and lead a more peaceful existence within an industry that I love so much! I will always, and forever love you NYFW! Not a goodbye, but a see you later!


  • More Natural Hair On The Runway?! Yes, Please!

    I have been missing the essence of New York Fashion Week (NYFW), although I’m over the crazy chaos of literally running to different shows; I do miss the streetwear, the runway, and the possibility of seeing celebs on the streets. This NYFW has been different, but I do understand that COVID has done a number on the fashion industry. Speaking of change, I was pleasantly surprised to see kinks, curls and braids on the runway. I rarely see natural hair in any type of compacity in the fashion or beauty industry. For years, European beauty “standards” have taken over – leaving ethic hair to be seen as “uncouth” and not beautiful. This ideology has been deep-rooted in the black community for centuries – the thought that afros couldn’t be seen as professional, or having a better “grade” of hair makes a person more attractive. This season surprised me in a good way – finally acceptance and representation! I wish that it wasn’t a surprise, but rather something that was the norm. Although 2020 was a hectic year, it was extremely eye opening on how black people needed to be more represented in the media. The Black Lives Matter movement needed to happen for the world to understand that we, as black people, deserve the same treatment as everyone else and shouldn’t be judged by the color of our skin. During a fashion show on Saturday afternoon, I was so happy to see a model with one of the biggest, most beautiful afros I’ve ever seen! The designer came out and she had stunning long braids. The very things that were not celebrated in the community, are now seen as fashion forward. As long as there is credit being given where credit is due – meaning the cultures that they are coming from – I see this as an opportunity to introduce to the industry what they’ve been missing out on for years!


  • Archie Is Technically A Prince Now

    When Prince Harry and Meghan Markle had their first child in 2019, they did not predict the challenges that would come with their royal family. In an interview that Markle did with Oprah on her OWN network she emphasized how the monarchy did not want Archie to have a royal title. Both Markle and the Prince renounced their titles and stepped down as senior members of the royal family. However, with the sudden passing of Queen Elizabeth II yesterday, we are left wondering if there is a possible new title for Archie? Charles III ascended to Kinghood on September 8th, according to the line of succession rules for the royal family established in 1917 by King George V -children born sovereign get the title of prince or princess, grandchildren born to the sovereign’s sons, and the eldest son of the Prince of Wales’s son – meaning Prince George. The Queen did amend the rules in 2012, stating the children born to the eldest son of the Prince of Wales (Prince William) would have the title of prince and princess when they are birthed. If there are no further changes to the rules, then Archie is technically a prince per the 1917 rule.




  • This Hoodie Took 5 Years To Make

    Nike has never ceased to amaze us with their unique and innovative creations. They have always gone above and beyond what is required of an athletic brand, and this is no exception. Nike wanted to reduce their carbon footprint by making a sustainable fabric hoodie. The fashion powerhouse did five years of extensive research and development to create the material – it is compose of 70% recycled content. It is also not woven nor knitted together, but instead a unique needle punching technique – using this special method means that Nike can make the hoodie in less steps, which in turn reduces carbon emission. The hoodie itself has no zippers, meaning it is 100% recyclable. This is in stores now and retails for $130 to $155. Are you going to get one?!


  • Michelle Obama’s New Portrait is Absolutely Stunning

    Michelle Obama made her return to the White House on Wednesday to unveil her new portrait. This marks the first time that the former First Lady has been to the iconic residence since the end of her husband’s presidency. Joe and Jill Biden welcomed the forever FLOTUS with open arms. It’s no surprise that former president Donald Trump banned the Obama’s from the White House during his 4-year term. In his speech, President Biden spoke highly of number 44, donning him as “one of the most consequential presidents in history.” The portrait will hang as a permanent fixture in the White House’s collection. It depicts Mrs. Obama in a gorgeous off-the-shoulder blue gown – reportedly designed by Jason Wu. In a heartfelt speech she talked about the significance of the work of art: “For me, this day isn’t about me or Barack. It’s not even about these beautiful paintings. It’s about telling that fuller story, a story that includes every single American in every single corner of the country so that our kids and grandkids can see something more for themselves.” Although, she is a powerful person, she is still extremely humble and respectful. She is the embodiment of class and black excellence! What do you think of the masterpiece?