H&M Puts An Interesting Spin On Eco-Friendly Fabrics


As we’ve seen in the past with H&M, they’ve constructed a dress from all recyclable materials- their efforts to become environmentally friendly are endless! H&M has made the conscious decision to become fully sustainable by 2040.  The large retailer has been investing in innovative ways to achieve their goals, including unconventional fabrics – their newest venture is called “poop fabric.”


I know what you’re thinking, it sounds disgusting right?! Well, there’s no need to fear, the fabric takes cellulose found in cow manure to create a unique look – the garments don’t even smell, and it’s completely effective in eco-friendliness! The inventor of the concept  Jalila Essaidi calls it Mestic – according to sources they are already creating new garments! Would you try this?!

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