Adidas Originals x Alexander Wang Season 2 Comes Out Today!


Inspired by underground rave culture and cycling – the newest capsule collection from Alexander Wang has us ready to party! This is the second season of this collection, and just like the first one, Wang will be unconventionally selling them – this time through a text message chatbot! Remember the number: 917.512.7715 because at noon, in New York City, this collection will go on sale! Posters on Clarkson and Greenwich Streets will display different codes for each of the 27 items in the collection. “The activation is just as important as the products, because it really speaks to the narrative and the concept,” says Wang. “If you see a wild posting, you could just text the number and order the item and get it essentially—in New York, where there are so many cycling messengers—delivered right to your home.”



This collection has a host of neon colors, which contributes to Wang’s rave-inspired theme. The colors are inspired not only by rave culture, but also from his past Spring 2017 collection, and cycling videos, “It kind of reminded me of Mad Max, when they’re going down [through] the desert and there are people with huge speakers,” he says, “I liked the idea that they were all going to this destination, this underground, crazy rave.”


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