9 Ways To Entertain Yourself On A Long Flight


I love to travel internationally, but there’s one thing I don’t love- the long flight! If the plane ride is longer than five hours, than I immediately get bored, with that being said one question comes to mind “How do I keep myself entertained on this dreadful fight?!” Well we have your answer in the list below!


1. To Sleep or Not, That Is The Question?!


The smartest move is to adjust to your destination’s time zone, and fast! For example, if you are taking an evening flight to Europe from the US, and you land in the morning, than sleep as much as possible on the flight.


2. Bring Soundproof Headphones, You Won’t Regret It!


We’ve all been on a long flight with a crying baby or a person who won’t stop talking, instead of enduring either of these painful burdens, you should get soundproof headphones – you’ll immediately realize the difference!


3. Netflix and chill?!


No, get your mind out of the gutter! We mean download a Netflix movie or series to occupy your time!


4. Reading Is Fundamental


Reading can be essential at times during your journey! Especially if you want to entertain yourself on a long flight!


5. Catch Up On A Series!


For me I obsess (a little too much) over How I Met Your Mother, I have binge watched the whole series within a week!


6. Going Offline.


So if the flight doesn’t offer free Wifi, and you don’t want to pay, you can always load your phone (or tablet) up with digital books/shows that can be viewed offline.


7. Do You Want To Be A Busy Bee?!


Many of us use our traveling time to get work done, although there are many people that don’t want to carry on the burden of working during their flight, there are many that do! If you need to get a project done, break it up- for every 30 minutes of work, take a 10 minute break!


8. Window Seats?


Although yes, the window seat is the most desirable, remember that you have less opportunity to walk around! Get an aisle seat so you don’t limit yourself!


9. Pack A Ton Of Goodies!


You can never go wrong with a word search or a crossword puzzle, pack a goodie bag of activities! Just remember to space them out so you don’t get bored!



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