5 Grooming Tips That You Can Take Away From These Stylish Dads


Every dad wants to be considered the “cool dad,” but what does that entail?! Well, every cool dad needs to be number one- stylish, number two- he’s got to have a certain swagger, and lastly- he needs to be well groomed! Bradley Cooper is the perfect example of a dad that is not afraid to push the envelope of style, while doing his daily dad duties! Below we have compiled a list of the top five grooming hacks every dad should embrace!


Lionel Messi: Always Stay Tidy

Lionel Messi is one of the best groomed dad’s in the game, and we’re not just talking about soccer! The star athlete is constantly tidying up his appearance for every game, very rarely do you see a hair out of place on his head, or scruff on his chin! So if Messi has time to stay clean shaven, you have time to stay on top of your game too!




Barack Obama: Respect The Gray

So, if you’ve been following Obama throughout his presidency, than you have seen how the job drastically aged him. He went from black hair to gray during his eight year run, and we’re kind of digging it! We can understand that being Commander-In-Chief is stressful, but at least he made it look good!




Liam Payne: Flaunt It While You Can

The former One Directioner has a head full of luscious locs, and no one can blame him for flaunting it! As a young father Payne realizes that he will not have this gorgeous mane forever. Solution?! Show it off while you can! Liam might not have the same hairline forever, but for now he’s just having a little fun with it!




Hugh Jackman: Test The Waters 

By this we mean try different hair and beard lengths – mix and match! Never limit yourself, the possibilities are endless! Get creative with it- remember you’re versatile and your look should be too! Hugh Jackman is always changing his style, and you should too!



Bradley Cooper: Grow It Out (But Keep It Under Control)

Like we previously said Bradley Cooper is the prime example of a a well groomed dad! We admire the fact that he not only changes his style, but the fact that he can maintain it! If you’re going to grow out your locs, make sure to use a lot of conditioner and beard oil! Remember, you don’t want to look like a bum!



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