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Have I Outgrown New York Fashion Week?

When Fashion Week comes around it’s always a treat – the glitz, glamour, and lights for sure put the cherry on the proverbial cake. The famous week was actually the first of its kind, and soon other regions followed. Each year, I am consumed by endless shows, constantly being spread thin, and the pressure that comes with having my own publication. I adore fashion and from the young age of 10 years-old I knew I was destined to be in the fashion industry, but do I still like the hustle and bustle of New York Fashion Week (NYFW)?

Christian Siriano

I started in the fashion industry and the ripe age of 18 – I was really optimistic and a little naïve, but I was ready to go! I started in the industry as a model dresser, I took the list of the designers from the New York Fashion Week website and I emailed each of them to see if I could be involved in the backstage in any way possible- I got one individual designer and a collective fashion show (which is a show that displays multiple collections). I was so excited to go to my first show. After that season, I applied to be a photographer at the same fashion shows and got accepted! Throughout the years, I have created a blog and attended multiple fashion shows, however, an event occurred that would change the future of Fashion Week as we knew it – the pandemic.

Before COVID-19 , there were tons of fashion shows during NYFW, it was more open and it was easier to maneuver through the city to get to shows – many of the venues that are now closed due to the Coronavirus were in the same vicinity of each other. Now, the galleries where the shows are held are limited capacity and further away from other. There were also a lot more designers showing in past season that have now either left the industry completely, or they started showing in one of the major fashion weeks in another country.

 Christian Siriano

I am grateful to have gone to NYFW during some of the most memorable moments – it will always have a special place in my heart, however, I think I have actually outgrown it. When I was younger it was a lot easier for me to handle the business of it all, but as I’ve spent the last 11 years in the industry I’ve seen my interest fade. I no longer find it appealing to wait in long lines, or frantically run to the subway so I can make back-to-back shows. The chaos was fun and exciting when I was younger, but I think now I want to expand and lead a more peaceful existence within an industry that I love so much! I will always, and forever love you NYFW! Not a goodbye, but a see you later!

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