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More Natural Hair On The Runway?! Yes, Please!

I have been missing the essence of New York Fashion Week (NYFW), although I’m over the crazy chaos of literally running to different shows; I do miss the streetwear, the runway, and the possibility of seeing celebs on the streets. This NYFW has been different, but I do understand that COVID has done a number on the fashion industry.


Speaking of change, I was pleasantly surprised to see kinks, curls and braids on the runway. I rarely see natural hair in any type of compacity in the fashion or beauty industry. For years, European beauty “standards” have taken over – leaving ethic hair to be seen as “uncouth” and not beautiful. This ideology has been deep-rooted in the black community for centuries – the thought that afros couldn’t be seen as professional, or having a better “grade” of hair makes a person more attractive.

Collina Strada

This season surprised me in a good way – finally acceptance and representation! I wish that it wasn’t a surprise, but rather something that was the norm. Although 2020 was a hectic year, it was extremely eye opening on how black people needed to be more represented in the media. The Black Lives Matter movement needed to happen for the world to understand that we, as black people, deserve the same treatment as everyone else and shouldn’t be judged by the color of our skin.


During a fashion show on Saturday afternoon, I was so happy to see a model with one of the biggest, most beautiful afros I’ve ever seen! The designer came out and she had stunning long braids. The very things that were not celebrated in the community, are now seen as fashion forward.


As long as there is credit being given where credit is due – meaning the cultures that they are coming from – I see this as an opportunity to introduce to the industry what they’ve been missing out on for years!

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