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Flippers is a bi-level café serving up teas, eggs benedict and their famous soufflé pancakes. Soufflé pancakes are a common treat in Japan and are made with egg whites, milk and flour. The bustling restaurant located in Soho is one of the most Instagramable brunch spots in New York City.

The Atmosphere

I felt very relaxed in this space, very tranquil and chill. I really enjoyed the openness of the place also, it was a nice place to unwind!

The Food

So, my Eggs Benedict was absolutely amazing! I’m not exaggerating at all, it was almost flawless!! The English Muffin that it sat upon was so soft and velvety! I loved it so much! The pancakes that they are most famous for were in my opinion okay, they left an eggy taste lingering on my taste buds. The texture of the pancakes were amazing – so smooth and fluffy. I would’ve loved vanilla extract in the recipe and it would’ve tasted less like scrambled eggs, however, I enjoyed the benedict! It was great!

My Experience

My experience at Flippers was positive – the service was great, very friendly and quick! I ordered the Eggs Benedict over Salmon and the Soufflé pancakes. I really wanted to see what these pancakes were all about! Overall, I enjoyed it, I just wished that the pancakes lived up to the hype.

Would you try these fluffy delights?!

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