Products We Love: Dashing Diva

To say that I was skeptical of these nail strips is an understatement!

The premise of these are to DIY nails. The nail brand was established in 2003, however, I only heard about these during the pandemic. So when the nail salons were closed in 2020, I wanted a cute and professional looking manicure. I was starving to have some type of cuteness – even during a dreary time – I love the seeing the brightness is dark situations and Dashing Diva was the answer to my nail needs.

How it works

So, its very easy to apply- all you have to do is place the strips on the corresponding nail that it fits to and cut the excess off in order adjust the strip to fit the shape of your nail, the pack comes with a nail file – which comes in handy when/if you want it to exactly fit to your nail shape and viola! After application, you need to wait an hour before washing your hands, as well as avoid applying oils, lotions and butters for an hour so the strips can adhere to your nails.

The designs are gorgeous and to make it even sweeter they are are $7.99.

Check them out below:

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