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The Fate of Fashion Week

Paris and Milan are the biggest fashion weeks in the world, although I adore New York Fashion Week, the city has seen a major decline in designers showcasing their collections. New York is famous for fashion week, however, the amount of high-end designers that show in Paris and Milan are unrivaled. I have been invited a countless number of times to PFW and I so desperately wanted to go next season, but unfortunately I will not be in attendance for any fashion weeks. Candidly speaking, I don’t think there are going to be any fashion weeks or fashion events until 2021.

Last season, the Coronavirus outbreak happened in the middle of Milan Fashion Week, preventing various designers from showcasing their collections, and as we are currently seeing, Italy has been the worst affected country in the world. With heavy hitting designers forgoing Paris Fashion Week, there is no doubt in my mind that it will not return until 2021. At this point, the fashion week world is at a complete halt.

The entire fashion industry is at a standstill – retailers are losing money, stocks are plummeting and major fashion events are being canceled or postponed. No one, especially in the fashion industry, could have predicted this AT ALL! Aside from fashion weeks in Europe, I think that even New York Fashion Week will either be canceled due to the severity of the outbreak in the city or designers will display the season’s fashions online in a virtual look book. Honestly, its almost impossible to be six feet apart while attending a fashion show. Generally, the showrooms for fashion weeks are filled to maximum capacity and some people even get invitations for standing room only because there are so many attendees.

I’ve been yearning to go to Paris and Milan Fashion Week for years, however, in the past I could never afford it. This season I thought it would be extremely different, I finally had enough to go, but sadly I will not be attending. I’m a little disappointed, but I’d rather be temporarily upset, than have perished permanently.

What do you think the future of fashion week will be?

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