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Movie Review: Joker

….send in the clown

It doesn’t take a genius to realize that I adore Batman, I love DC comics and I’m more of a fan of the the DC Universe, rather than Marvel. I believe that DC characters are more like real people and Marvel charters are more imaginary. The Joker and Harlequin are actually my favorite super villain couple and I remember being young and obsessing over the two. I rarely get excited for a movie, but Joaquin Phoenix’s portrayal of the Joker was so unique!

*Spoiler Alert*

The Plot

The movie starts off with us following a young man named Arthur Fleck. He is a struggling comic and also works for a company that out sources clowns for events. In the first scene Fleck is dressed as a clown, working as a sign spinner outside of a store, he later gets jumped by several teens and is beaten with his sign. The following day his coworker gives him a firearm in hopes that he can protect himself. Instead of protecting himself, he shoots three young men, who harass him due to his laugh, a laugh that was infectious and uncontrollable. His laugh was attributed to a mental illness and was not able to control it. After, Fleck has a clown gig at a Children’s Hospital and drops the firearm, for this he is fired. Arthur also finds out that the public assistance budget will be getting cut because of Thomas Wayne, philanthropist, and a candidate for mayor in Gotham City; both of these events are a turning point in the movie in my eyes because this is where Fleck sees that society has turned its back on him.

Penny Fleck, Arthur’s elderly mother, has been writing Thomas Wayne and it is later found out that he might be the love child as a product of their affair while she was his secretary. Arthur’s mother is discovered to have mental health problems also and stood by as she watched him get abused by a past boyfriend – this abuse involved being dropped on and hit in the head.

Arthur begins to become to become the Joker and his evil urges start to take over his already incredibly impulsive mind. He eventually goes on to kill his own mother and the friend that gave him the fire arm.

Robert De Niro plays Murray Franklin, a talk show host of a show that Fleck so desperately wants to be on. He plays a clip of Fleck’s stand up act- calling him a “Joker.” This is when Fleck owns the name as his villain name.

The movie ends with Fleck shooting Franklin and he eventually gets arrested. While in the back of a police car, he gets “rescued” and joins a riot honoring him and rebelling against society.

My Thoughts

The Joker even says himself that he is a ” ….loner that society turned it’s back on.” Before he shoots Murray.

I loved the film! Joaquin Phoenix played an extremely convincing Joker and completely draws you in! With him being in about 98 percent of the scenes you really understand his story and how he really became turned to a life of evil. The cinematography in this film is nothing, but spectacular – every scene looked like a painting. I also enjoyed the candid directorial style, there were scenes that contributed to the shock value of the Joker’s personality. This movie was also psychologically thrilling, I couldn’t tell the difference between what was reality and what was a figment of the Joker’s imagination in the movie – he was extremely impressive and believable. The score for this movie was impeccable, it expressed the different moods of the Joker and it contributed to edginess of the film. This film also follows the comic books a bit loosely. Overall, I am critical of movies and I can easily say that this is probably one of my favorite movies of 2019. I would even go as far to say that Phoenix might even get an Oscar for the roll. I’m definitely seeing this movie once more!

…that’s life

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