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Kanye West’s Fashion Show Was Considered A Disaster

Kanye West seems to call himself a “visionary,” he seems to think of himself as the greatest rapper alive and even considers himself a God! Although Mr. West does spit some phenomenal verses, he seems to not be favored in the fashion industry, I have not read one good review of the debut of Yeezy 4. Which begs the question “What went wrong?!”

The first thing that Yeezus did wrong was that he intentionally had a long wait time to get into the venue, he made everyone, including heavy hitters in the press, wait for two hours in the heat. Amoungst the crowd was  Women’s Wear Daily editor Jessica Iredale, who was so infuriated about the wait, that she gave the rapper’s show a horrendous review. Collaborator Vanessa Beecroft had this to say about the reasoning behind the wait, “I believe it was planned because [West] wanted the audience to get into this state of having to observe and having to stay.” Kanye thought that by having his audience wait it would build anticipation, but it only caused fumes between him and tons of attendees.

The second thing that Mr. West did wrong was he made it difficult for his models. Modeling can be hard work, those few seconds on a runway can make a lasting impression, but of course Kanye being Kanye gave them sky-high heels to walk in, many struggled and ultimately models began to fall. Some models even fainted, many say it was from heat exhaustion, however Beecroft exclaimed it was from being “overwhelmed” from walking in a Yeezy show “That’s a production issue not related to me . . . I’m not sure why some people fainted yesterday, but in my case, when it has happened in my performances, it was the level of emotional stress,” she reasoned. “. . . It wasn’t physical. There was food and water. The situation is so intense and people are looking at you and you are standing.”

She added “Yesterday, I don’t know if it was because they were overwhelmed. I’m not sure . . . I was bothered yesterday in a sense that I’m sorry for what’s happening, but at the same time, I wouldn’t know how to prevent it if it was emotional.”

I’m not completely convened that them fainting was from being overwhelmed, my thoughts are he made the models rehearse in the heat without feeding them. Nonetheless, Kanye will keep being Kanye and the world will either love him or hate him. I will say that this year he upped his fashion game though, I was pleasantly surprised to see that he improved from last season. However, the leotards remain to look homeless chic. What are your thoughts?!

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