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How To Improve The Quality of Your Hair

How to improve the quality of your hair

We all want to look and feel good, and having healthy, gorgeous looking hair is a great place to start. So, whether you’re dealing with high hair porosity, want to know how often to wash your hair or just want to achieve those luscious locks you crave, read on for our tops tips.

Top 3 secrets to achieving healthy, beautiful hair

Some secrets need to be shared, so check out these 4 areas you can work at to improve your overall hair health and take steps towards looking and feeling fabulous.

Make a change or two to your diet. We all know that a healthy diet leads to a healthy life, but did you know it also leads to healthy hair? The great thing is you don’t have to make crazy changes, just small adjustments! These include:

1.Make sure you pack in plenty of protein, which is a major building block in your hair. Whether you love a lean meat steak with your dinner, or snack on nuts like almonds and peanuts make sure you have a minimum of 45g of protein a day.

• Get drinking… and no that doesn’t mean alcohol! Drinking plenty of water is not only a great way for you to keep your body and skin hydrated, but also your hair. It’s perfect for adding a natural shine to your hair.
• Don’t forget about your veggies. Obviously, we don’t need to tell you how important these are for general health, but vegetables like peas and spinach are especially good for your hair as they are full of zinc.

2.Make sure you know your hair type and treat it accordingly. Whether you have dry or greasy hair; or need products for low or high hair porosity make sure you know what you have and buy the right products. Many shampoos and conditioners will be labelled for hair type, and natural products like coconut oil are a great way to make hair masks and moisturizers to ramp up your hair.

3.Take care with your washing and brushing routine. Over-doing one, or both of these areas can lead to greasy or broken hair. Here are a couple of things you should always remember:
• Your hair doesn’t need washing every day! The more you wash it, the more your scalp over-compensates by producing extra natural oils. This can lead to greasy hair. Instead, wash your hair every 2-3 days.
• Use the correct brush or comb. To prevent breakages in your hair, always use a wide-tooth comb when your hair is wet; and don’t over-do it, simply tease out any tangles and brush it once it is dry.
• Try to avoid heat styling where possible. Heat styling such as straightening and curling can lead to your hair becoming brittle; so, where possible keep your hair natural. Use loose braids and styles to make sure you still look good without needing the heat!

So, whatever your hair type, and whatever your usual routine, you now know you don’t actually need to change too much to be able to improve the quality of your hair!

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