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How Are Small And Medium Bloggers Staying Successful During This Pandemic

This might come as a shocker, but a lot of bloggers are struggling during this Pandemic. Many would think that more people are inclined to read blogs because the majority of the world is home and has free time, unfortunately that isn’t the case. The number of readers have been plummeting tremendously during this time of uncertainty, and it comes as a shock to people. I understand that there hasn’t been a multitude of fashion news to cover, however, bloggers are getting extremely creative and thinking of out of the box for producing new content.

People who are bigger bloggers generally have a team that collaborates together to produce fresh new content, however, for many smaller bloggers, they only have the option of thinking of ideas themselves with new articles to write. It begs that question, how are small and medium bloggers staying successful during this time?

Typically, bloggers make money by promoting businesses through their website and/or Instagram through advertisements, but, many small bloggers do not have the same opportunity or are working with small businesses that have been hugely financially impacted by the shutdowns from the virus. I can only speak for myself, as a medium sized blogger, my successes are mainly coming from asking advice on pieces that I should write, making writing my top priority has been helping me stay focused and lastly, I have been reaching out to smaller bloggers, artists and businesses in order to keep more content flowing.

Being completely candid, I am currently not making any money on my blog or social media during this time, but I am blessed that this blog is not my only source of income during these difficult times. It was extremely hard getting motivated to write and Globally Couture did take a back seat, but I am happy that I can still bring my readers material to engage with!

How have you been spending your quarantine?!

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