Follow Me On My Mental Health Journey: Social Media Detox"/>
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Follow Me On My Mental Health Journey: Social Media Detox

Lately I’ve been feeling down and I never could pinpoint why?! I realized that as I started to maintain my personal social media page I was getting actually more and more depressed, pretending to have this carefree life on social media was a total lie. As a blogger, social media plays a huge role in my life, however, there are times where I actually need to take a break – a social media detox.

I was not on any of my personal or my blog’s social media accounts for two weeks. I immediately became happier and more relaxed. Social media has a way of making people anxious and I truly was one of those people. I was also less depressed and less stressed out.

Social media can really take a toll on mental health, my advice: detox, detox, detox! Remember that you are in control of your happiness and do not let anything or anyone get in the way of you being happy!

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