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Quarantine Crush: What Happens After Quarantine?

Tons of individuals are flocking to dating apps like Tinder and Bumble, they have been seeing astronomical numbers of growing engagement at this time. Although it seems really uncommon, it is actually extremely common for people to be dating at this time. So basically, a person matches with an individual, they get to know each other during these trying times and then they make future plans for dates when the quarantine is over. Some people are even bold enough to go on dates during this time and aren’t practicing social distancing. Many people are matching out of sheer boredom and having someone to talk to during this time is somewhat comforting to them, however, what happens to them after quarantine?!

Anything is possible during quarantine, even finding love! However, many people will not keep in contact with the individuals that they matched with, mainly because people are lonely and vulnerable at this time and seriously miss the outdoors. I personally am having tons of problems staying inside constantly, I take walks from time to time, but it’s really not enough. I believe that people are matching with others because they need some type of human interaction. We as human beings crave some form of companionship from others and dating apps are satisfying the craving.

I predict that after this quarantine, there is going to be a lot of ghosting. Ghosting basically means that a person ceases talking to an individual that they were previously interested in, without any reasoning or explanation. Unfortunately, there is a widespread of matching on dating apps because of boredom. On the contrary, I predict that those who have made a true connection over quarantine are going to eventually go on dates that they have been planning during quarantine, which, lets face it, is super adorable!

I believe that there are true connections that are being formed during this outbreak. With virtual dates gaining popularity through Snapchat, Zoom, FaceTime, and other platforms – I think that more people are going to be more willing to go on virtual dates even when the world opens back up. Being face-to-face with someone, even virtually, is a great way to learn about a potential suitor.

Of course, there are a lot of other scenarios that can happen after the quarantine with your crush, but these are some of the main ones that I wanted to stress in this article. I really do think that anyone can find love in any situation. So if you want to find love during lock down, sign up for a dating app! Good luck!

What do you think are some other points that can be made about dating during the outbreak?

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