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Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week: Supima Design Competition SS17

Supima has partnered with some of the top design schools in the country – Fashion Institute of Technology, Kent State University, Parsons School of Design, Rhode Island School of Design and Savannah College of Art and Design – to participate in Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week (MBFW), this is ninth year of the Supima Design Competition. Each year, the schools nominate one of their top students in their senior graduating class -the hopeful student will then be able to showcase his or her collection at MBFW. Ultimately, the winner of the competition gets a $10,000 cash prize – each of the judges had a tough decision on their hands.

Supima, a company that prides themselves on being the creator of America’s most luxurious cotton, partners with the most elite brands in order to provide fabrics to each student -AG Adriano Goldschmeid, Brooks Brothers, Albini, Olimipas, Kurado, Olah Inc., Nice Dyeing, Unqio – each student was instructed to create an evening women’s wear collection, and put an unconventional twist on Supima fabrics. Each designer took different inspirations from different things – all fabrics are not dyed and untreated. So lets get into the designers!

Duston Jasso – a student at the Fashion Institute of Technology took his inspiration from a falling angel, his collection was gorgeous, the pigments of the textiles and the mixed textures within his collection was exquisite! Jasso’s collection featured flowing fabrics, superior gold hues and cream colored dresses.

Jiyan Lee – another student of the Fashion Institute of Technology, took her inspiration from jazz music and dance. Her collection featured playful fabrics, with amazing pigments of royal purple, and an almost suede-like look to her fabrics.

Kara Michelle Kroeger -a senior at Kent State University took inspiration from the juxtaposition of flowers and clean lines. The collection featured TONS of flowers and uniquely colored fabrics. Ms. Kroeger followed her inspiration accordingly.

Jacob Blau- a senior at Rhode Island School of Design, brought the edginess to the Supima fabrics. He completely transformed his fabric, Jacob wanted to show the more playful side of the textiles and he wanted to create garments that were nontraditional -which is exactly what he did! He experimented with different textures and appliques

Jacqueline Zeyi Chen– a student at Parsons School of Design took inspiration from Cold Hives- an allergic reaction to wind and coldness – which she developed when she was 11-years-old. Her collection depicts her experience and her longing to assimilate to the world around her.

Jeffery Taylor– a student that derives from Savannah College of Art and Design, took inspiration from his mother -every Sunday they would dress nicely for church and that’s how his collection came about – it is made up of ballgowns, soft colors and clean silhouettes.

With six wonderful collections, it was a difficult decision for the judges to make -each collection had a unique design ascetic. I was pleasantly surprised with how sleek each silhouette was and how well-tailored each garment was -I loved the entire show. Ultimately, Jeffery Taylor of Savannah College of Art and Design was named the winner! As tears streamed down his face, he was handed the mic – he thanked God and his mother. What are your thoughts on each collection?!

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