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8 Tips For Men To Do Before A Date

It’s that time again, the time to actually take another human being out and get yourself off of the couch! That time when you stop being lazy! Yes, we are referring to date night gentlemen. First of all, congratulations on getting a date; we’re proud of you! Secondly, every man needs a routine when preparing for a date!

  • Shower, you should shower before your date, minus the shampoo. Showering is optional (at least spray some cologne), but shampoo strips hair of natural oils, leaving your hair susceptible to frizz; not a good look on a first date.
  • Get your skin right. Besides the clothes on your back, the first thing your date sees it your skin, so you need to make sure it looks great! Try to get your skin looking presentable for your date!
  • Get a trim, it never hurts to get a nice haircut when going on a first date, however do not get the hair cut the day of, it can be risky, unless you are certain it will look good.
  • Clean up the beard. If you don’t have facial hair this does not apply to you. But if you do, trimming for a date doesn’t hurt! Your date will appreciate.
  • Pluck and prune. Although many men don’t like to get their eyebrows done, at least shape them up a little; if they aren’t too unruly this does not apply to you, but if they are then you should definitely clean them up for your date.
  • Do your nails. No I’m not talking about getting a Mani/Pedi, I’m saying clean the dirty and debris from under them, this is a non-negotiable!
  • Don’t sweat it! If you’re nervous about a first date then it’s common to sweat, so if you know that you’re a sweater, apply antiperspirant at night so that the active ingredients have time to work.
  • Freshen your breath. Fresh breath is a must; you don’t want to smell like the lunch you ate that day! So carry mints or gum and before you get to your date! You won’t regret it

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