Fashion Week

Style Fashion Week, New York: K. Rashae SS17

The inspiration behind this collection was to pay homage to women’s empowerment, throughout the years women have had to be strong and endure pain -only to overcome every moment of adversity. The boxing gloves in the collection were a metaphorical representation of the fight that we’ve  have had to go through.

The show started off with an empowering video of the strength and persistence of women throughout the years. The video served as a preview of the collection that was to come. The crowd grew silent, as the first model graced the runway I felt a striking emotion of vigor and power. As a woman myself, I began to realize that I too was strong – just like the model’s depictions of strength throughout the show! Even the back of a jacket in the collection read “The Prettiest Fighter You’ll Ever See.”

I absolutely loved the collection! It was an ode to girl power and I enjoyed every second of it!

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