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New York Fashion Week: Lavie by CK FW21

As the Black Lives Matter movement still continues I believe that the fashion industry still has not done their due diligence for the black community. As a black woman I still struggle to get my blog viewed because it is so heavily minority based. Although I still have difficulties, I was very happy and presently surprised to see Lavie by CK’s collection titled Royal Empire. The collection was made up of African prints. The fabrics were fit for royalty- the ancestry of the black community. When I was younger my mother would always tell me that we are descendance of kings and queen prior to the middle passage era. I loved this collection mainly because it was encompassed of traditional fabrics and headwraps of the mother land. Another thing that I enjoyed about this collection were the different cuts of fabrics and the unique placement of applique on the fabric, as well as, on their face to compliment their makeup. Overall I enjoyed the show and believe this is a designer to watch!

Here are the pictures below:

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