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New York Fashion Week: Katie Gallagher FW17 “Hallow”

Katie Gallagher debuted her 16th collection at New York Fashion Week on February 9th, 2017, the collection took inspiration from military looks, including the MA-1 bomber jackets – which was the main piece of this collection -they were also the main apparel of pilots during World War II. The name Hallow derives from All Hallows eve, the holiday that is commonly known as Halloween  – the hues of black and orange in the collection perfectly captured the whole concept. As each model graced the runway, the orange and black color palette complimented one another effortlessly.  The hints of orange eye makeup tied each look together flawlessly-  in addition to the highlights of their cheekbones, which provided a glamorous touch to the whole ensemble.

The show kicked off with calming music, as I closed my eyes, I could imagine the cool breeze of the forest- this showcase truly lived up to the name Hallow! At the end of the show, the models were displayed as if they were artwork, as I walked along the row of models, I couldn’t help but think to myself how beautiful each piece was -the different fabrics, combinations of textures, and rich colors. I enjoyed this show and would love to see more from this designer! She was nothing short of magnificent!

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