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New York Fashion Week: Fllumae FW21

Fllumae is a brand that believes in modest fashion. In the past they have shown at Arab fashion week in Dubai, putting a stylish twist on hijabs and abyas. Their philosophy is no woman should ever feel forced to compromise fashion or faith, but instead encompass both in a manner that is representative of who they are. Due to the pandemic this fashion brand opted to do a fashion film. The background of the film seems to take place in an upscale living room or even a library. It encapsulated diverse models – in terms of different sizes, skin tones and hair textures.

There was also a model with an afro, which was very unique to see in a fashion show. The brand is a also a supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement, which as a black woman, made them stand out to me the most. The film showcased fashions with different textures, cuts and layers. This collection had applique on various pieces- including jackets, lapels and hijabs. I really enjoyed this line!

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