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New York Fashion Week: Athanasiou SS19

I have to say Athanasiou was the perfect combination of Sex, Religion and Art! We also can’t forget the nostalgic quality of the 70’s, which served as the theme of the runway show!

When the music started it was completely reminiscent of the disco era! The models sported natural hair, afros and kick-ass bandanas. The fashion was extremely implicative of the disco era,  there were shimmery garments and a lot of the garments were basically wearable art. As each model graced the runway I was pleasantly surprised to see a great amount of art!

Many of the garments had art on them, however there were many garments that had sexual sayings on them, I remember seeing one that said “I Shaved My Balls For This?!” I thought it was quite comical!

As each model walked down the runway I couldn’t help but feel proud for the girls, sporting natural hair, kinks and curls in their afros. This runway show showcased how beautiful natural hair, art and sex could actually be! There was even a special guest, Ron Jeremy, the epitome of a sex symbol!

Check out these pictures below!

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