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The land of snake charmers and fire breathers, Morocco is just a brilliant country! I took a boat from Costa de Sol, Spain to Tenujuan, Morocco. We were supposed to go to Marrakesh, but there had been a terrorist attack there just months before our trip. I was with my classmates and French teacher. The boat to Morocco was massive! I couldn’t believe I how huge it was; it was so giant, that one could get lost on there for the whole trip. There was a top deck which I stood to relax and listen to the calming sounds of the ocean.

I was so excited when we docked in Morrocco, “What would be waiting for us in this land?I” I wondered to myself as I hopped of the boat like an excited child. Before we had gotten to Morocco our tour guide informed us to wear sneakers and I am so glad I did! Many of my classmates wore flip-flops and as we walked through the Bazaar, fish guts were flying everywhere, my classmates actually got some on their feet, I’m so lucky I listen to her that day! The Bazaar was very cool, although the streets were narrow and very crowed I managed to see everything that it had to offer! They even had live chickens there!

Our next stop after the Bazaar was a small shop and immediately I was curious to know what they were selling? We walked in and were very surprised, this shop sold a multitude of things from cooking herbs to rugs. The person even selling the merchandise also doubled as a masseuse, what a hustle! I left the shop empty handed however, it was because had spent the majority of my money in Spain.

Morocco is still to this day the best place I’ve ever been, from the preforming fire breathers to the hustle of having three job functions. I loved it! Seeing the different palaces was almost like stepping into a fairy tale. Absolutely enchanting!

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