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Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week: Francesca Liberatore FW 2017

Titled Freedom, Francesca Liberatore takes us on an adventure through two very different parks: Hyde Park of London, and Hyde Park of New York city-  the parks represent the whimsical journey in society. The title Freedom represents the freedom of speech, and the powerful impact it has on shaping society.

Liberatore translated her inspiration through her collection effortlessly. She fearlessly played with different fabrics and patterns in order to create a diverse collection- pairing funky bold prints and stripes with classic furs and leathers. The lace embroidery on the sheer chiffon tops were sexy and sensual – yet still extremely tasteful. Combined with different fabrics and textures, each look was contrasted in a charming way. The fur, mixed with the leather gave an exquisite look to the collection. The graceful movement of the garments was something that caught my attention in the show -the craftsmanship of each piece was visible, as each model took to the runway.

The models’ clean faces were the perfect touch, they did not distract from the clothing, but they were still naturally beautiful to captivate the audience. Their sleeked back hair was another simple, yet elegant aspect of the show

Although this show was packed with people, I feel as though the reason was because Liberatore is a wonderful designer – she was extremely daring with this collection, and her risk-taking paid off – in order to create style we have to be different, and in this collection she showcased her individuality.

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