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Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week: Chiara Boni La Petite Robe SS17

The elegant and posh ladies of the Upper East Side were the inspiration for the Spring/Summer 2017 collection. Chiara Boni loved their chic and sophisticated apparel and attitudes -the clean lines and sleek silhouettes of their clothing resulted in a gorgeous collection.

When I entered the show there were so many people -I couldn’t believe that I was one of the fabulous spectators who was about to enjoy another fashionable show! As I was seated, I had to pinch myself just to make sure that I was really awake -this was my last and final Mercedes-Benz Fashion Show and I didn’t know what to expect! I thought to myself “What fashion would be gracing the runway today?!” After everyone was seated, the show began!

The show started off with a video -at the beginning I didn’t understand the concept behind it, there were numerous models with huge hair – the cans of hairspray read Chiara Boni. The first model strutted down the runway – in one hand she carried a can of hairspray labled with the designer’s name and the other hand was gracefully cradling her hip – her hair was extremely teased. Each and every model had an acute height to their hair!

The collection was absolutely brilliant! The lace overlays, intricate cuts, and the different textures of the fabrics were amazing! The fabrics flowed effortlessly on each model. The jazz music played throughout the show – a cheery and upbeat melody! The gloves added a classy aesthetic to many of the garments. The designer did a wonderful job of communicating her inspiration through her clothes!

Ultimately, the collection was sleek, sexy and sophisticated! I thought the show was well done! Bravo Chiara Boni!

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