London’s First Naked Restaurant"/>
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London’s First Naked Restaurant

If eating nude was good enough for the Gods than it should be good enough for us, right?!

Before you think about getting a  reservation with the newest pop-up restaurant in London, called The Bunyadi, consider getting a personal trainer or hitting the gym, not because the food is high in trans-fat (there are actually healthy options on the menu), but because with this restaurant you dine in the nude!

The masterminds behind this new pop-up restaurant, being dubbed as “London’s first naked restaurant” are the same geniuses who brought ABQ, a Breaking Bad -inspired bar. The Bunyadi is gaining huge interest, with over 40,000 people on the waiting list. There is a strict no photo policy at The Bunyadi, whereas those who attend ABQ are eager to post pictures of their outfits on Instagram.  Along with no clothes, there are no phones allowed (for obvious reasons), but the inability to stare at one’s phone is a part of their “stripped down” policy. According to a news release about the restaurant  “plans to use only the most natural, home-grown ingredients to envelope its patrons in a Pangea-like world, free from phones, electric lights and even clothing.”

“We believe people should get the chance to enjoy and experience a night out without any impurities: no chemicals, no artificial colors, no electricity, no gas, no phone, and even no clothes if they wish to,” in a released statement. “The idea is to experience true liberation.”

What are your thoughts on this “au natural” experience? I personally think it is definitely unconventional, but I would love to see how this idea plays out into the future. I want to see if it will be received posiively in London, however they are more liberal than Americans, so we shall see the developments on this restaurant!

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