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How To Make Cologne Last Longer

Essential Do’s and Don’t’s of Spraying Cologne

Cologne is the finishing touch of any man’s outfit; from the boardroom to the a causal date night. However, the longevity of your signature fragrance is imperative! The cologne won’t last forever, but here are the Do’s and Don’ts to having a long lasting scent for the whole day.

DO: Apply Right After The Shower

Many men think that the best logical time to apply cologne is before leaving the house, on the contrary the best time to apply is right after a shower. This is because your pores are the most open after a shower, which means allows cologne to seep into your skin and gives of a long-lasting aroma!

DON’T: Keep The Bottle In The Bathroom

Instead keep your cologne somewhere cool, dark and dry. Heat, humidity and light can actually break down the speed of scents.

DO: Moisturize Before Hand

Cologne absorbs in the skin better when it is moisturized. It evaporates in dry skin more quickly.  If you are trying to get your scent to stick around longer than this is an important step in your routine!

DON’T: Spray On Your Clothes

Because most Colognes are alcohol-based they can ruin clothing, so do not spray directly on them. Due to the airflow cologne can dissipate faster.

DO: Layer

Layer your fragrance, it is so important! The corresponding soaps, and body balms to the fragrance should be put on in order to have a long lasting scent!

DON’T: Over Apply

Over applying is the worst! Don’t subject your co-workers to suffocating from your overbearing scent. Instead limit your reapplying to two spritz or less.

DO: Spritz Your Wrist

Since the dawn of time men have always applied cologne to the same areas, this includes the wrists. The pulse points on the wrists are where the veins and arteries are closer to the surface, which means they are warmer than the rest of the body. This heat helps the scent remain strong and fully developed, which helps it last all day.

DON’T: Rub Your Wrists Together

Rubbing cologne between the wrists makes the scent break down faster.

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