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My decision to go to France was purely based on the facts that I wanted to reward myself for graduating High school and the fact that Fashion has always been a passion of mine. I remember it like it was yesterday; my mother dropped me off at the airport and told me she was so proud of me. We then took a picture together to commemorate my first international trip! I was so excited, my first trip overseas and I could practice my French; I had been studying French for about five years in middle and high school at that point. I was so eager and anxious to board my overnight flight to Paris, I couldn’t wait! As I boarded the flight I was a little fearful of what to expect; it was a place that I was new to, but luckily I was going with some of my classmates and my French teacher.

     The flight was about eight hours and when we all got to France we were exhausted, the reason why the flight was overnight was for us to sleep, however we were so excited that it was impossible for us. As we made our way to the hotel, the only thought on our minds was to take a nap, but it was morning in France and we had a full day of activities planned for us. That day it was July 14th, also known as Bastille Day, a holiday in France to celebrate the ending of Bastille prisons, so there was no one in the streets that day. Walking around Paris was magnificent, there was no one around and therefore it was almost like having the city to ourselves. As night fell, we were all exhausted but it was Bastille Day so we all stayed awake for the Fireworks at 12 am. The fireworks were a perfect backdrop for the sparking Eiffel tower, it was a great sight to see.

     The next day I was exhausted, but the Louvre museum was on the agenda. We made our way to the museum and it was absolutely brilliant! Not only was the art amazing, but the actual museum itself was so large; maneuvering through the tunnels only to be rewarded by viewing a new art piece was such a treat! We then strolled down the Champs Elysees after the museum and I was speechless, it had every designer store imaginable!

During our trip to France we spent some time in Bordeaux, a city where Vincent Van Gogh spent many nights creating many of his masterpieces. While traveling there I remember how gorgeous the scenery was, we passed fields of sunflowers that went for miles. Just looking out of the window of our bus I could tell that this place would be amazing. When we first got to Bordeaux we were a little underwhelmed because we were used to the glitz and glamorous stylings of Paris, however once we walked around we quickly discovered that this was a gem! I had my first batch of escargot there and even though I had to keep telling myself I wasn’t eating snails in order to convince myself to eat them I really enjoyed them! It was definitely a great experience!

So with all that being said, what can I really say about France? I thought it was fantastic, although the journey was brutal to me because it was my first international flight, it was all about the destination in the end and I really enjoyed myself!

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