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Best Festive Hairstyles

By: Joana Teixeira

The holiday season is the perfect time to do something a little different with your hairstyle. You might want to tap into the vibe of the festive period with sleek ‘dos inspired by gifts and nature in winter, or try something a bit cute and kitsch like styles inspired by reindeer and Christmas trees. Take a look at these four festive ideas and get ready to enter the spirit of the season.

Beautiful bows

As New Year celebrations tend to be big on sparkle, a glittery bow is the perfect simple accessory to add for a chic yet celebratory look. You can tie a gold bow around your bun or use it to hold up a half-up/half-down style. Or for an even more special look, how about creating a bow out of your own hair? It totally taps into the gift-giving spirit of the season. When you’re wearing your hair in a simple style like this, the quality of your strands is of utmost importance. You want your hair to shine as if it were a real bow, so you’ll need to know how to get shiny hair step by step. And all you need to do to quickly learn how to get shiny hair is click here.

Nature-inspired accessories

If you love to wear flower crowns in your hair in the summer, there’s no reason you can’t do the same in the winter too. You just need to adjust the details to suit the season, and that means looking to nature for inspiration. Swap out your floral blooms for holly, berries, pine needles and mini pine cones. If you’ve got florist skills, by all means have a go at weaving real ones together to make your winter crown – you might want to miss out real spiky holly, however, and watch out for poisonous berries! Artificial versions can be just as pretty, and you can make it yourself or buy a ready-made one.

Fun festive buns

There are lots of fun novelty things during the festive period, and you can join in with the cute and kitsch spirit by getting a bit silly with your hairstyle. It can start with a simple bun. All you need to do is stick a couple of brown pipe cleaners in at each top side of the bun to represent a reindeer’s antlers, then put a couple of googly eyes between them, and finish with a red pom-pom in the center to represent Rudolph’s famous nose.

Festive-shaped braids

On that fun vibe, there are cute festive ways to tweak your usual braids to make them themed for the season. You could make your standard pull-through braid go wider towards the bottom, so that it represents a Christmas tree. Once you’ve secured the braid, you can decorate it with hairpins that have red, white and green pom-poms glued on the ends to represent the baubles. Top it off with a star shape made out of a gold piper cleaner.

As you can see from these ideas, there are lots of fun ways you can switch up your hairstyle for the festive season. Whether you want something sleek and chic like a bow made out of your own hair or a winter nature crown, or you’d prefer a kitsch novelty look like a reindeer bun or Christmas tree braid, you’ve now got the inspiration to try it out for yourself

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