About Us

About Us

Hi Everyone! My name is Adia Prade, I am in love with both Fashion and Travel. I first got bit by the travel bug when I went on my first International trip to France, I was beyond excited because I got to experience both my passion for fashion and my love of culture. I’d been studying the French culture for five years and I was so anxious to get to France. When we got there I strolled down the Champs-Élysées and was completely in awe of this city.

The idea for Globally Couture came about when I went to Brazil, as I sat on Copacabana Beach and looked upon the glistening water I thought to myself “I should write about my adventures!” Thus when I got back to the United States I started it. Globally Couture is a blog about Fashion, Beauty and Travel!

I hope you enjoy our Blog!

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