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Best Hairstyles For Each Face Shape

By: Joana Teixeira

When getting a haircut there are many different things to consider. One thing in  particular to take into account is face shape. It’s easy to see celebrity images or friends’ photos and want to have their exact hairstyles for ourselves. But different styles look good on different people, largely down to variations in facial structure. Before you make a big change this is important to consider. To help you do so, here’s our guide to the best cuts for different face shapes.:

Round face

If you have a round face long hair styles are likely to make it look even rounder. Instead go for shorter cuts like pixie styles or clipped on the sides. Think Halle Berry at the Oscars or Emma Watson in her post-Potter days. These styles work as the chop on top can counter-balance roundness in the lower half of the face. Styling around the forehead can also draw attention away. For those with a 4a hair type or other curly dos the look can still work. Go shorter at the sides and leave the curls hanging down in front for a modern twist.

Heart face

If you have a lovely heart-shaped face (broader forehead and sharp pointed chin) then try shoulder-length styles. There are a few different looks that would work, but chose something with feathering around the front as this helps to frame the face and can draw attention away from a defined chin.

Oval face

For those with more of an oval face try going for an angular bob. This kind of cut should sit right up against your jaw line, with some choppy layers around the sides to prevent it looking too severe. It’s a great look for the oval face as it points towards your jaw, giving more definition. If you 4a hair type curls this style can still work, just be sure to leave a bit of extra length on the curls when wet as they will get much shorter when dry.

Square face

Finally, for those with a more masculine, angular face shape, use feathered layers and a longer styles to give a more feminine touch. Some stylists use side parts on those with strong jaw lines to offset the squareness and give a softer look. This is a great face shape for long-thick hair and if that’s not your normal type simply use some products like volumizing mousse or dry shampoo to add a bit of oomph.

Remember, when you are choosing a style it’s not just about what looks good on other people, but what will actually suit you. Be sure to consider your face shape and then make a judgement, if needs be with the help of a professional stylist. Getting this decision right will have a big impact so it’ll be worth a bit of effort in the end.

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