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6 Ways To Keep Your Hair Color Gorgeous This Summer

There are numerous ways your hair can lose vibrancy this summer, whether it’s from the harsh sunlight or chlorinated water. Spending hours in the salon chair to achieve dyed hair bliss can be a grueling task. Here are ways to completely maximize your hair’s perfect hue this summer!

Healthy Hair Is A Must

Keeping hair healthy is a must when you are trying to keep the brightness and vibrancy, top stylists recommend bonds. Products like the Brazilian Bond, conditions hair, which makes it stronger and the color long lasting for the summer!

 Use Coconut Oil 

Coconut Oil has an SPF of about 6, not enough for skin, but absolutely perfect for hair. This is the perfect hair protector, that also could provide skin a hydrating feel. The oil locks in moisture in order to prevent color fade.

Condition and Wet Hair Before Getting Into The Water

Salt water can fade color, while chlorine can discolor hair. Without applying conditioner the hair absorbs water, meaning that it is more vulnerable to either fate. Wetting the hair helps repel water.

Say No To Shampoo

Instead use a cleansing cream, the key to gaining color perfection is to keep the hair cuticle closed. Cleansing Cream barely opens it, and is less harmful to hair because it does not contain laurel sulfates.

Rinse With Cold Water

Shampooing is awful for dyed hair, the hot weather is a reason to constantly wash your hair, but stick to cold water rises, your color will thank you!

Vinegar Rinse

Completely close your cuticle by performing weekly vinegar rinses: take a cap size of vinegar and pour it into a gallon of cool water, then pour it on your head as an acidic rinse .

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